How to avoid making the Job Hard for Your Babysitter

If you like your babysitter or if you want to make their jobs easy, it is important that you know that what may create problems for your babysitter and you in the long term.

Fishing for Compliments

If you are in a habit of comparing the progress of your child with other children, chances are you may be interested in getting compliments from your babysitter on how good your child is and you probably like to discuss them a lot. While the role of appreciation and merits of your child is important, however, if you are always fishing for compliments, that too, at the cost of other children, you may want to review your habits. According to some of the experts, the tendency of getting compliments reflects the potential of parents to become narcissist or depended on the validation of others to appreciate the strengths of the kids.


Even though most of the parents request the babysitters to text or call them in the case of any uncertain situation or unforeseen situation out of concern, however, it is important to know that you may make the work of the babysitter harder by insisting on knowing everything or by being overprotective. Moreover, if your babysitter is on the phone more than half of the day with you, he/she will not be able to give one hundred percent attention to the kids. This is not to say that your genuine concern is not important or that it is not right to ask about your children from the babysitter while you are at work, but if your concern starts to become a hindrance or sense of anxiety for the babysitter, your children is ultimately the one who would have to suffer.

Overburdening Your Child

According to the experts, it is good to manage the time of your children and get them used to not only academic-related activities but the extracurricular activities are another important part. However, if you become overly ambitious, your child may be overburdened. Therefore, it is important to understand from the perspective of children and it is good if you give them free time as well. Moreover, children have the different type of stamina, if you want them to utilize the day like you do, you can overdo the parenting or they may feel exhausted. Hence, it is important to not only make them all-rounder, but the significance of the leisure time in the routines cannot be denied either.

Payment to the Babysitter

If you want to maintain cordial relations with your babysitter, it is necessary that you pay them on time rather than delaying or forgetting about. According to the experts, some of the parents have hectic routines, which may delay the payment of the babysitter, which can set a bad precedent. Therefore, it is important to take care of these ethics and it is also one of the ways of showing appreciation for the effort put into the babysitting. For example, if the babysitter takes your children out to ride on toys on your behalf, you can pay them extra money to acknowledge the gesture.

Medical Conditions

If your children are allergic to certain foods or materials, it is good to inform the babysitter, especially if you have a busy routine, as you may not be able to watch your children all the time. Therefore, if your babysitter is aware of the all the precaution and possible medical conditions, you can save your child from medical emergencies in addition to making your life and the life of the babysitter relatively easy. Likewise, you can also communicate other concerns to your babysitter before you leave the children with the babysitter to make things clear for everybody.

Sharing Too Much

If you are someone who likes to talk about his/her work routine with others, you may feel the need to do it with your babysitter, which can get a little difficult for your babysitter. The main point is to remember that you don’t become so self-engrossed that you may struggle with making conversation with the babysitter. Since you should be taking more interest in what the babysitter has to say about the response of your child and how well they are doing. Therefore, if you have the tendency to become talkative, you can remind yourself to manage it.

Obsession with Control

Though controlling the way your child is raised or brought up in this world is good to an extent, however, if you become overly strict or authoritative, your children may develop the mild type of hesitation for you. This is why it is important that your child gets some space to be he/she rather than obsessing over every little thing. For instance, screen time of your child should be restricted, according to the latest researches; however, if you don’t let your child watch what they like over the weekend or reward them with some free time, you may cause tension between you and your child.


Though it is quite hard to find a babysitter you can trust these days, however, once you do, your life can become a lot easy. Moreover, if you are one of the lucky ones to have a trustworthy babysitter, you can work on building the trust with the help of various strategies. However, if you don’t know whether you have found the trustworthy babysitter, you can work on your skills of dealing with people and the sense to find the relevant type of person. Furthermore, despite finding the perfect type of babysitter, one cannot completely rely on them. After all, babysitters can also make mistakes. Hence, the best advice is to keep a check on them and not take your babysitter for granted.


If you are concerned when it comes to the behavior of your child or if you are someone who wants to raise children in a specific manner, it is best to discuss your concerns and preferences with the babysitter to make sure that you are on the same page. Moreover, if you want to know about their points of improvements or suggestions for the wellbeing of the children, talking to the babysitter may prove to be very helpful.


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